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General Office Space

Whether you manage a substantial in-office team or experience high daily foot traffic, the initial impression your space conveys as people walk through the door significantly influences their perceptions of both you and your company's overall brand. Having a professional office cleaning service with the necessary experience, expertise, and systems to effectively oversee your space should be a fundamental aspect of your overall business plan.

Car Dealerships

Exceptional auto buying experiences begin with a remarkable first impression. When customers step into your store, they deserve a spotless showroom and service center, creating a lasting positive impact. Our cleaning services enhance your desired image, elevating your dealership's reputation and leaving a lasting positive impression. Having a professional cleaning team should be fundamental part of your dealerships overall business plan.

Health Care Facilities

Medical Cleaning goes beyond surface-level appearance. A basic 'surface clean & pickup' falls short when maintaining a respected and thriving medical facility. Our approach prioritizes health and safety, as safeguarding your staff and patients is paramount. Incorporating cutting-edge cleaning techniques, we deploy measures that eradicate cross contamination, mitigating the risk of infectious agents spreading within your office environment.

Multi Tennant Properties

If you're a landlord, facilities or property manager, the competition to attract and retain tenants is fierce. That's why maintaining clean and well-kept indoor facilities is a critical aspect of ensuring quality. We know you juggle numerous tasks and properties, managing services and upkeep. Keeping the rental spaces impeccably clean should be a hassle-free and reliable reality. Partnering with Chris' Cleaning means we handle daytime porter duties and/or nighttime cleaning crew responsibilities, giving you more freedom.

Private & Charter Schools

Let's be real, schools can get pretty messy with kids (and even staff) coming and going all the time. Schools are bustling hubs with unique cleaning needs. Collaborating with a seasoned cleaning company familiar with school dynamics ensures gleaming hallways, hygienic restrooms, and safer classrooms. Having a professional cleaning team should be fundamental part of your school's overall operation.

Chris' Cleaning is More Than Just A Cleaning Service.


Rest easy, Not only is your space thoroughly cleaned every night, but our comprehensive liability, and Worker's Compensation Insurances also provide you with coverage against unexpected incidents. Once you've signed a Service Agreement, we supply all clients with a Certificate of Insurance to verify their coverage.

Reliable Service

Our service is built on reliability. You count on us to keep your office clean and hygienic. That's why we promise our team will be ready and punctual for every scheduled clean. You can trust us to handle your facility with care and competence, giving you peace of mind.

Easy to Reach

Do you have a specific request or concern? Reach out to us easily through email, phone call, or text. No matter your preferred mode of communication, Chris' Cleaning is here to assist you, offering 24/7 friendly and attentive Customer Service.

Daily Disinfecting

Your workspace deserves more than just a basic 'spray and wipe' approach from your cleaners. Our cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and trained in the most effective solutions and practices, ensuring thorough germ removal from all high-touch surfaces.


Oakdale, NY, US

About us

Chris' Cleaning LLC is a Long Island, NY, family run commercial cleaning company serving Hauppauge, Ronkonkoma, Central Islip, Riverhead, Holbrook and the surrounding areas. Our primary focus is simply to deliver high quality, detailed commercial cleaning service, consistently day in and day out, just like it should be. We ensure this happens by properly training and equipping our staff, as well as quality supervisors that check your location to ensure we are cleaning up to par.

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